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DETROIT GHOST SIGN photo picture art print
DETROIT GHOST SIGN photo picture art print
Photo #866
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by Jan Kaulins

Old DETROIT KNIGHT TIRES GHOST SIGN photo picture art print for sale of KNIGHT TIRES old Detroit advertising Ghost Sign photo picture art print for sale. This is a very old and very unique KNIGHT TIRES Detroit Ghost Sign. A couple of years ago a building adjacent to this sign was torn down revealing this extremely rare advertising image of the KNIGHT TIRES COMPANY of Detroit with faded graphics of a Knight in Armour on his white horse with his lance extended forward charging through the center of a white 1920's tire. Apparently this image had been on this wall for along time before it was covered up by the other building as can be seen by how faded and weather worn the graphics are. Very little is know about The Knight Tire Company and this is the only large wall size mural that I have been able to find any record of. It's a wonderful visual image of the very early days in Detroit automotive history.

Each photograph in this series has been created from nine separate photographic digital exposures and then layered together into one photographic image. It is then ‘tone-mapped’ where individual areas of the photo, as well as contrast, saturation and other qualities of the image can be artistically manipulated to bring out the artistic effects that make these photos so visually unique and striking. Some of the photos in this series are even further enhanced for artistic effect giving them an almost painterly or graphic silkscreened look.

This is a relatively new photography technique which uses the blending of the nine multiple bracketed exposures to capture and emulate the way that light levels in the real world vary over an enormous tonal range, from the brightest area of sunlight to the darkest area in the shadows. All of these varying degrees of light cannot be exposed properly and captured in a single photograph---hence the necessity of layering and combining of the multiple over and under exposures to allow the viewer to see all of the existing areas of light at one time in one photo. The enhanced saturation and color of the multiple images also is a partial result of this very unique photographic process and can be quite stunning and dramatic.



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The quality of the Jan Kaulins' photographic prints is much higher than we can show within limits of this web site. Slight tonal changes and blurring around the areas of strong contrast are a result of the JPEG compression process, and are not part of the high quality originals.

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